‘My name Lynne means cascade, waterfall. The rivers, lakes, cascades and waterfalls are so mesmeric to the mind, body and soul, creating calmness and tranquillity to everyone who gazes upon them.

On the other hand, imagine how the water feels and that’s how my emotions were as I experienced each life encounter. I felt like I was travelling the river of life where the waterfalls were a big impact in my life.’

Lynne Cutler is the oldest of six children and it wasn’t until after the passing of her mother she acknowledged and really embraced her intuitive/psychic ability to communicate with spirit, allowing space in her life to tune in and share the insights she receives with others. She is a mother of two, daughter, sister, friend, lover. The girl next door who bridges two worlds, the conventional materialistic and the spiritual, mystic world beyond this physical form of life.

Lynne opens up her gift for all, the journey she’s travelled because of it and the messages she receives for herself, friends and clients changes lives. Lynne is a conduit, a medium that brings messages to our visual physical world from the unseen spiritual realm.

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