Lynne Cutler - Intuitive Energy Healer,  Intuitive Psychic Medium, and Author and Meditation Educator

Lynne Cutler is an Intuitive (Psychic) Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer, Author & Meditation Educator.

She can support you to gain profound insights, hone your focus, heal mind and body, and receive guidance from The Universe.

Lynne provides holistic and compassionate readings and energy healing that support you to reconnect to self and life.

  • Free constricted or blocked energy
  • Release the pain associated with this, allowing healing to happen
  • Reconnect to self and life for a more connected and aligned you.

Meet Lynne

As an experienced healer, educator, author and spiritual teacher, Lynne is passionate about guiding others in embracing their connected spiritual self. 

Lynne realised she was psychic in childhood, when she gave her father a message about her yet-to-be born brothers.

She continued expressing situations and events into her twenties, thinking at first they were due to her Intuition. 

In 1985, Lynne’s Mother spoke to her, ten years after her death. This began her journey into medium work.

After being informed by a psychic (in the 90’s) that she was a healer, Lynne began to weave her healing abilities into her work as a Beauty Therapist. Through bringing intuitive healing into her massage and facial treatments, she was able to develop a deeper understanding of her healing gifts and the ways they can support others. 

A few years later, spirit informed Lynne to use her psychic abilities through offering readings. After some initial resistance, she saw that she was already revealing information to her clients who later revealed the accuracy of her sharings. 

Lynne started to regularly use her skills, gradually developing her own style – integrating readings and mediumship with energy healings. She believes that her gifts are given to her by The Universal Divine Energy. She meditates daily which connects her to the Universe and opens her to receiving messages for herself and others.

Lynne works from her home studio in beautiful Indooroopilly, Brisbane (Australia). A mother, daughter, sister, friend and lover, she enjoys walking in Nature and her favourite flower is a red rose. 


“Lynne has a beautiful, calming demeanour and was absolutely spot on with her healing words and messages that she gave me. I would highly recommend her – well worth my visit. Thank you Lynne.”

a grateful karen