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An Intuitive Reading can give you strong guidance and direction for your life. Intuitive Energy Healing clears energy blockages in your body and gives answers to why they appeared.

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Intuitive Energy healing removes energy blockages and releases the pain associated with them from your body, enabling the healing process to take place.

First of all you may ask ‘What is energy?’ It means a lot of things to different people however my interpretation is that everything is energy. Your house, the roads and our body however they are made up of different types of energy and different densities. Rocks for example have a very strong density whereas radio waves have a lighter density.

The thing about humans is that we have a heavier density in our physical form and a light density in our emotional and spiritual form. We can physically move the blocks in our physical form using surgery and drugs but how do you move the spiritual and emotional blocks in your body that could be causing you pain.
This type of energy block can only be healed or released through energy healing and when you use the energy drawn from the universe the release can be instantaneous. You may experience an emotional release such as tears or a blockage release of feeling pain free, it depends on the problem at hand. Intuitive Energy Healing can bring these emotions to the surface and release them instantly and this is where the intuition plays its important role.
Being guided by our intuition ensures we connect correctly with each and every individual and provide the greatest form of healing. This intuitive healing is guided and provided by our universal source which comes to you pure and without judgement.

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Meditations can lead you into your inner sanctuary of knowledge enabling more insight with your direction on a daily basis.

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Meditation is more beneficial if included into one’s life on a daily basis.

The benefits override any procrastination or the lack of time.

My meditation is achieved first thing in the morning. After the meditation my mind is clearer to attend to the days projects. As I am more in control of my body and mind, achieving these tasks is much easier.

As a Spiritual healer meditation is very important for me to access the information I channel to clients and use my energy gifts.

The five senses mindfulness meditation and the breathing meditation are the simplest to start with.

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Lynne’s first book “I am the Messenger” takes you on a journey of her personal development, the first spiritual connection with her mother, connecting with spirits through meditation, past life crossings to understand events in this life time.


In 1985, ten years after my mother died, her spirit spoke to me. I knew it was her presence immediately, but struggled with the implications of having such a contact.

During counselling sessions, I journeyed into unknown depths of my brain, to past life discoveries. The impact of those past lives took years to decipher…wow! Join me on this enlightening adventure.

A persistent dream allowed me to embrace a holistic health method called Kinesiology with amazing results. Is it possible to heal with alternative methods? Life is full of uncanny possibilities.

My father’s death gave me a spiritual connection with my parents and more proof of an astounding life after death experience. Are you a sceptic?

During many months of pain in my arm and various treatments not curing the problem, I finally realised a return to a past live may have the tools to heal the arm. Can a past life affect events in this life?

I am blessed with the ability to be able to heal through Intuitive Energy. Spirits connect with me because “I am the Messenger”.

Read all the circumstances of these amazing events and more, to discover experiences you may never have encountered.

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