Are you seeking support to clarify your life direction? Do you need help to release physical or emotional pain?

Hi, I’m Lynne – Intuitive Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer, Author & Meditation Educator. I have supported people like you to find answers, increase clarity and release the pain caused by blocked energy. 

I offer a range of one-to-one sessions and group classes, supporting you on your path to greater connection to Self and The Universe. 

Service Menu

Intuitive (Psychic) Medium Readings

Uncover important information to guide you along your life’s journey.”

Readings: $120 AUD for 1 hour

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During your face-to-face reading, I draw on my Intuitive Wisdom of Counselling, Channelling with the Universal Sources, Inner wisdom, Numerology and cards to bring clarity and answers to your Life’s questions. 

When drawing on my Medium skills, spirits connect with me, enabling me to give you the answers and information you seek. They sometimes arrive early on the day or during your session.

As the facilitator or medium for this spiritual communication, I connect you to wisdom and answers from The Universal Divine Energy. 

Walk away with renewed clarity on the decisions you’re needing to make in life and be empowered to choose wisely. 

Intuitive Energy Healing

Remove energy blocks and restore harmony, vitality and balance.”

Sessions: $150 for 75 minutes

During the Intuitive Energy Healing session, I support you to remove blocked energy, releasing the pain associated with this and allowing healing to happen. 

This healing also incorporates a Psychic reading. 

What is energy? 

My belief is that ‘energy’ means a lot of things to different people. My interpretation is that everything is energy. Your house, the roads and our bodies are all energy, however they are made up of different types of energy and different densities. For example, rocks have a very strong density whereas radio waves have a lighter density.

The thing about humans is that we have a heavier density in our physical form and a lighter density in our emotional and spiritual form. 

We can physically move the blocks in our physical form using surgery and drugs, but how do you move the spiritual and emotional blocks in your body that are causing you pain?

This type of energy block can only be healed or released through energy healing and when you use the energy drawn from The Universe, the release can be instantaneous. Depending on the problem, you may experience an emotional release such as tears or a blockage release of feeling pain-free. 

Intuitive Energy Healing can bring emotions to the surface and release them instantly. Intuition plays an important role in the healing, as being guided by our intuition ensures we connect correctly with each and every individual to provide the greatest form of healing. This intuitive healing is guided and provided by our universal source which comes to you pure and without judgement.

Meditation Classes

Calm your mind and melt away stress from your body.

Classes: $15 for a 60-75 minute class

What is meditation?

Including a regular meditation practice into your day is a powerful way to connect with your  inner sanctuary of knowledge, enabling more insight into your daily actions, thoughts, feelings and direction.

Meditation, when combined with diaphragmatic (deep breathing) is also a proven relaxation technique to lower heart rate, calm your nervous system and restore balance to your body. 

Personally, I practice meditation each morning. After meditating, my mind is clearer and I’m more in control of my body, meaning achieving my daily tasks is much easier.

As a Spiritual healer meditation is very important for me to access the information I channel to clients and to use my energy gifts.

Meditation Classes

I run a regular meditation class, suitable for beginners and all other experience levels. They are open to anyone who is looking for meditation and connection. 

What to expect

During the class, I will guide you on a meditation journey, starting with yoga breathing, and moving into connection with the Universal Energy and to Mother Earth.

How to get involved

Day and time: Classes are held at 10am on Wednesdays (up to 6 people).

Location: Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Queensland. 

Join us after the class for a coffee and connection at a local cafe. 

Contact me for details: 0413 434 438


‘I Am The Messenger’ by Lynne Cutler

My first book “I am the Messenger” takes you on a journey through my personal development, including the first spiritual connection with my mother, connecting with spirits through meditation, and past life crossings to understand events in this lifetime.

Find out more and purchase here


“Lynne Cutler is an extremely talented and very professional lady. I thoroughly recommend Lynne’s book and have learnt so much from Lynne over many years. Lynne brings out the best in people and is kind, compassionate, gifted and very, very good at what she does. I cannot sing her praises enough.”

Leonie Collins