Lynne Cutler Author

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer/Medium and Author

Hi my name is Lynne Cutler.  The meaning of “Lynne” is waterfall.

I achieved my diploma in Beauty Therapy and have been a therapist for over 30 years. During those years of giving massages and facials to my clients I started to channel information to them without realising what I was doing. What it was doing was developing my natural psychic abilities to the point where I had many clients coming back to me just for readings.

As I concentrated on meditation during a 40 year span messages were given from my spirit guides to leave the beauty industry and commence Psychic Readings and Intuitive Energy Healings as my new career path. I have experienced many personal growth lessons through out this journey and feel I have the understanding of sharing these messages and lessons. One being that as a healer I needed to heal myself before healing others. I am a strong believer in seeking guidance from people who have lived the spiritual experiences not just talked about them.

Having a gift of being able to heal myself as well as others allows me to balance your chakras, to release unwanted energy blocks, to assist in freeing the pain and give any spiritual messages I receive.

Using my intuition through my third eye chakra initiates channeling to me from your guardian angels or your departed loved ones.  The messages instigate guidance and clarity about your future decisions or directions you can take.

Meditation plays a large part in my life which is why I offer meditation sessions in my local area.

Please contact me for more information about anything you have read on this website.

Look out for the release of my first book

I am the messenger‘ by Lynne Cutler,

  • coming out November 2017