Today I am going to concentrate on my own technique which was developed by me over years of participating in various meditation practices and teaching my own groups.  I found this technique enabled the participant to relax more deeply and therefore experience a deeper meditative state.

Start with five minutes per day and eventually add more minutes. It is more beneficial on a daily basis than spasmodic.

I feel like I am home whenever I meditate.  This feeling connects me to my body and also to the universal energy.

IServcies Page Photo am giving myself “me time”. I breathe fully in through my nose down to tummy, giving the sensation of the tummy rising then feeling the tummy lower as I breathe out through my mouth.  This allows the nervous system to relax and calm causing the rest of the body to initiate the same.  After about six of these breaths, which is yoga breathing, my body is serene and the mind is slowing down resembling the brain going on a holiday.

Once the mind and body is on its way to complete calmness the next step is to visualise your next breathe going into the mind and continue two more breathes.  Your next breath travels into the face with two more breaths.

Continue this cycle throughout the body until you reach your feet. If there is any area in the body that does not feel completely relaxed repeat this exercise just to that area.

Once the body is relaxed and calm I would take you on a guided meditation to the sea, beautiful park or garden and let you just be. If any voices appear in the mind just let them go to mother earth. Enjoy your time.

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I am an Intuitive Energy Healer which means that I can heal many types of pain with my hands. Especially pain from an accident that has been reoccurring or a headache. I give healing's by tuning into your body and releasing any negative energy. My intuitive side uses channelling of your guardian angels to give information that you require to move forward in life. I am a medium which means your departed ones from this earth, can source me and thereby relay messages they wish to impart to you. This can be very healing and comforting to the ones left behind on earth. I also teach meditation techniques in order to calm the mind and body, enabling the best access to your unanswered questions on life's direction. My other healing modality is Intuitive readings through channeling from Angels, Arch Angels and Guides. This allows the client to receive accurate instruction with new positive direction in their lives.

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