Living in the NOW

Is your day full of so much activity that you don’t get a moment to think about what you are actually doing?

Are there all these voices in your mind telling you to go in different directions.

Make sure you keep to the deadline, remember your dentist appointment tonight,drop in to Woolies and pick up those groceries, ring your mother, pick up the drycleaning etc. etc.

One thing I find helpful is writing all those activities on a pink sticky (go on choose your own colour) and put it on your desk so its noticeable. Definately not on your laptop/computer. That’s too noticeable.

Those voices in your head are released and you are able to concentrate on the matter at hand. The job you need to finish within the next 2 hours.

Living in the NOW is being mindful of what is going on right here and now. Not thinking about what is going to happen hours later.

Once the job is finished give yourself a break, tea break, walk outside and breath in the relatively fresh air.  Do a five minute 5 senses meditation. Go to and click on meditation to view.

Then you can put all your effort into the next project.

Try it and let me know your feedback.



Lynne Cutler

Intuitive Energy Healer/Author

Meditation Coach


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I am an Intuitive Energy Healer which means that I can heal many types of pain with my hands. Especially pain from an accident that has been reoccurring or a headache. I give healing's by tuning into your body and releasing any negative energy. My intuitive side uses channelling of your guardian angels to give information that you require to move forward in life. I am a medium which means your departed ones from this earth, can source me and thereby relay messages they wish to impart to you. This can be very healing and comforting to the ones left behind on earth. I also teach meditation techniques in order to calm the mind and body, enabling the best access to your unanswered questions on life's direction. My other healing modality is Intuitive readings through channeling from Angels, Arch Angels and Guides. This allows the client to receive accurate instruction with new positive direction in their lives.

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